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2020 is the year of expansion throughout the world in important European, Asian, and American markets, such as India, China or Korea, Mexico or Germany. Laurendor continues to manufacture unique quality formulas with a professional look, suitable for everyone. It also initiates a development strategy for the final consumer. E-commerce becomes a key element to Laurendor to publicize the brand worldwide and to enter into new markets.

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Manufacturing for third parties

Laurendor has the know-how widely proven over the years, which allows it to manufacture products for other companies around the world, becoming its "external laboratory". Laurendor develops any product from the research and development phase, packaging design, notification to the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), and legalization of the product until its manufacture.

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Start exporting

Laurendor goes international and begins exporting its products abroad. Starting with the European market and expanding worldwide. Over the years has managed to be present in more than 25 countries around the world. The main areas for Laurendor are Europe and Asia. Currently, it is making an important bet to strengthen relations with the Asian market, through countries such as India, China, and Korea.

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The beginning of Stage Line

Creation of the Stage Line brand, an innovative product line of makeup with treatment. Designed to be sold in beauty salons, makeup schools, and professional makeup artists. Over the years, it has expanded its target and bet to target the final consumer too. Stage Line has makeup products with cosmetic treatment. One of its main characteristics is fixation, even in humid or hot conditions.

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Launch of the Belman handcream

Creation of the Belman brand and its well-known hand cream, still on the market. Highly valued by its users for the high quality of the product. Belman is a hand cream with active ingredients that provide high hydration to the skin at the same time that protects and regenerates the bacterial flora.

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The beginning of Laukrom

Creation of the fantasy makeup brand Laukrom. A classic product widely used at parties and carnivals in all Spanish towns and cities. As well as in theatre and the emerging worlds of cinema and television. Laukrom offers a complete range of professional fantasy makeup, body painting, and characterization. All of them are formulated with micronized pigments, with high coverage and resistance. The products are developed with a wide variety of formats: creamy make-up, water-based make-up, make-up palettes, three-dimensional make-up, make-up accessories, among others.

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The beginning of Laurendor

Elena Chavalera, a young visionary of makeup expert in formulation and with enormous charisma and personality; and Salvador Gil, a businessman from the world of perfumery, set up Laurendor. It was born in a small laboratory on Castillejos street in Barcelona (Spain). Together with other recognized world reference brands, they build one of the leading cosmetic companies in Spain and Europe. They began to develop cosmetics to take care of the appearance and the skin. They designed innovative products in those times, such as the colored body spray. It replaced and complemented the stockings that women wore on their legs at that time.

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